Senator Guthertz Calls on AG, Public Works Chair to Respond to Business Concerns About Road Construction


Guam -Senator Judi Guthertz has called on Attorney General John Weisenberger and legislative oversight chairperson of the Department of Public Works,  Senator Tom Ada to investigate the contracts for road construction in the tri-intersection of Rt. 8, 10 and 16 ,  because of the effects it is having on small businesses.

In similar letters to both General Weisenberger and Sen. Ada, Sen. Guthertz stated, “There are several issues that concern me with this contract. I hereby request an investigation regarding the award of this contract and the seemingly favorable terms for the contractor.”

Read Guthertz’s letter to Guam Attorney General      

Read Guthertz’s letter to Senator Ada

Among the questions Senator Gutherz raises in her letters are:

* The only limitation and condition placed on the contractor was that the company had a year to complete this project. Is this part and parcel for most contracts?

* The project was reportedly “under-bidded.” Thus mitigation funds in the original project designated to assist impacted businesses were redirected to cover the “underbidding.” Is this proper?

* There was no mitigation plan to assist the businesses with losses in revenue.

* Do the affected businesses have a potential claim with the Government of Guam for their loss in revenue as a result of the on-going construction?

Guthertz is quoted in a release as saying that: “ It is not proper for the government to treat these businesses this way and to impede progress with our infrastructure. I look forward to a positive and prompt response from your office and a hopeful resolution for the people of Guam.”