Senator Guthertz Calls on AG to Investigate Road Construction Contract


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz has sent a follow-up letter to Andy Leon Guerrero about the businesses affected by the island-wide road construction. In her letter, Senator Guthertz told Leon Guerrero that she would call on the Attorney General to investigate the contract and ask the Department’s oversight chairperson Tom Ada to hold an oversight hearing on the matter.

Guthertz sent the letter after receiving a copy of another letter from RPM General Manager Mike Anderson whose business is located at the Circle K, 76 Service Station in Barrigada.  Anderson says his business has a documented retail loss of some 46 percent – 68 percent.

Guthertz said she was displeased with the Director’s “lack of initiative to find a ‘win win’ situation for our affected businesses.” Sen. Guthertz added, “While I am not surprised at the lackadaisical attitude of the office of the governor, I am appalled with your seemingly indifferent attitude towards this issue.”

Senator Guthertz further stated, “Mr. Leon Guerrero, Mr. Anderson’s business is on the verge of closure. I urge you to assess his concerns and direct attention towards a resolution. In the meantime, I will write to the Office of the Attorney General calling for a complete investigation into this contract. As well, I will request that Sen. Tom Ada convene an oversight hearing of his committee to vet the process and investigate the parameters of this contract, the mismanagement of this entire agreement, and seek any possible resolution to Mr. Anderson’s concerns and that of folks like him.”

On August 25, 2010, Sen. Guthertz sent a letter to Governor Felix Camacho regarding the traffic congestion that currently plagues our island’s main thoroughfares. In that correspondence Sen. Guthertz urged the Governor and the Department of Public Works to work with contractors to alleviate the impact on the businesses entities in these areas.

Attached is the Oct. 25, 2010 letter from Mr. Anderson to DPW and the Aug. 25 letter to the Governor regarding Sen. Guthertz’s road construction  concerns.