Senator Guthertz Cites “Fundamental” Errors in Final EIS


Guam –  Senator Judi Guthertz says the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Guam military buildup still has some “fundamental” errors.

Earlier this year, Guthertz had already cited what she called “numerous errors” and misstatements discovered by reviewers of  the draft EIS.

Now she is highlighting errors in the Final EIS.

In a release, she states the “FEIS … still gets some fundamental matters … wrong …such as how much Guam land the federal
government and military controls.”

Guthertz also states that the FEIS is also wrong in concluding that Guam land ownership has no restrictions based on residency or nationality. She called that “Simply not true.”

The Senator, who Chairs the Legislature’s Buildup Committee, states “the common belief on Guam is that the military controls about a third of the land, but military land returns in recent years have reduced that acreage to about 26% or 33,500 acres. The military should take credit for returning 8.447 percent of Guam’s land during the recent decades.”

“However,” states Guthertz, “We all know that there are further acres that are not needed and should be declared as excess.”  But instead she points out “the  FEIS  shows  that  the  military  wants  some  1,770  more  acres  for  the  Pagat Range Complex and new military housing.” 

The release states that “Guthertz  has  persistently  maintained  that  the  military  could  accomplish  its buildup  goals  within  the  present  Guam  property  it  owns  without  use  of  land condemnation, but the FEIS makes it crystal clear that this will be a possibility if deals can’t be negotiated with landowners.”