Senator Guthertz Opens Buildup Committee to All Members of Legislature


Guam – Saying that the Guam military buildup, “is the single most important item on our agenda for the future,” Buildup Committee Chairperson Judith P. Guthertz has invited all members of the 31st Guam Legislature to join the committee and they have unanimously accepted.

“The buildup could have either a positive or negative effect on our island and our people,” Senator Guthertz said. “We need to work together to ensure that the buildup benefits all the people of Guam.”

Read Senator Guthertz’s memorandum

Senator Guthertz said her concern is that Guam receive fair treatment from the federal government and “that we are not forced into situations that end up hurting our people.”

She suggested that committee membership by the entire body would improve the odds of this.

Senator Guthertz has also urged Governor Edward Calvo to not delay in empaneling the Guam First Commission and holding its first meeting immediately, which should further reinforce local goals relating to the buildup.

“Our primary responsibility will be to make sure that both Guam’s civilian and military communities benefit from the buildup equally.”

Senator Guthertz reminded her fellow lawmakers that the motto for the buildup committee is: “If it is not win‐win, we both lose.”