Guthertz Wants Guam First Commission In Place Before DoD Delegation Arrives


Guam – While the delegation of U.S. defense officials is slated to meet with members of the legislature on Thursday Senator Judi Guthertz says she would like for the Guam First Commission to be able to meet with them instead. 

 As you may recall the Guam First Commission is a commission created by law to deal with the military buildup. It is to be comprised of representatives from the administration, the legislature, the mayors and various community groups. While former Governor Felix Camacho never convened the commission current Governor Eddie Calvo has promised to do so.

“It would be very nice if we could meet with them together via the Guam First Commission so they could meet with us together at one time the way they have scheduled the meetings is that they’ll meet with the governor they’re gonna meet with the mayors they’re gonna meet with the senators so again we’re not meeting as one entity the Guam First Commission would provide that umbrella entity,” said Senator Guthertz.

 Governor Calvo has announced via press release that he is ready to empanel the Guam First Commission. He will be appointing four members to the commission. He is asking the other leaders and groups to submit their appointments to the commission.