Senator Guthertz Seeks More Open HeathCare Procurement Process


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz has introduced a bill that she says would open up the competitive proposal process relative to insurance rates in Guam to ensure that health care insurance negotiations.

In a release, the Senator says her Bill 30-480 will be known as the “HealthCare Insurance Transparency Act of 2010.” The aim of the measure is to achieve a more economical and beneficial health plan to provide the requisite medical care needs and services.

Read Bill 480

Senator Guthertz argues that “the current competitive process for coverage proposals is antiquated.”


The legislation would also remove the need for a Certificate of Authority which,  Guthertz contends, would encourage participation from on and off island insurance providers.

In addition, the legislation would provide a mechanism for a feasibility study on the possibility of providing a non-profit public health insurance coverage option for island residents.


Chairperson of Market Research and Development Jay Merrill is the conference organizer.  “One of the most important benefits that the community is anticipating is the creation of new jobs,” he said.  “Jobs in the private sector, also jobs in the public sector new civil service jobs and long-term careers that are going to be created from the buildup. We thought it was appropriate to pull together the people here, the CNMI and throughout the region that are going to be affected.”

The 300+ attendees are expected to hear from speakers like Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Tony Babauta, CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial, FSM President Emanuel Mori, local businessmen like Triple J Enterprises President Bob Jones, outgoing Joint Guam Program Office executive director David Bice, Joint Region Marianas Commander Rear Adminiral Paul Bushong, Bryan Wood from the U.S. Marine Corps Pacific Division Operations Department, and the list goes on.

Said Merrill, “Captain Lynch from NAVFAC is going to provide information so that the community truly understands when these major contracts come out that will be a dramatic need for employment. Our local labor economist, Gary Hiles, is going to be showing what is expected to be available in terms of the local workers to fill those jobs. There’s going to be a very large gap.”

The bottom line is that the conference will provide the information needed to ensure Guam and the region’s workforce is ready and able to benefit from the buildup.  “Now, we have time to do what is necessary to make sure that people who are currently employed, underemployed have the chance to get the skills necessary in order to participate,” Merrill explained.