Senator Guthertz Wants Answers to Missing Textbooks at Southern High


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz is raising questions about yet another case of missing text books at Southern High.

The Senator, who is Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, has forwarded a complaint from parent  Rodney C. Rood to DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood.

Rood, whose daughter has yet to receive her text books , asks: ““Can Dr. Underwood explain to me, and all of the other parents, how our children are suppose[d] (sic) to study foreign languages, mathematics and sciences, and complete homework assignments with no textbooks to take home,?”

“How are we parents to assist our children with their homework and studies if we can’t look at their books to see where they are in their studies?”

For long term residents of Guam, the tardy textbooks have been an issue with parents for generations, one that Senator Guthertz said she thought had been finally resolved, but she called on Dr. Underwood to investigate.  

“I was under the impression that the textbook situation in our public schools had finally been addressed, both in terms of funds and in terms of timely ordering,” Senator Guthertz wrote to Underwood.

“Please report the status of providing textbooks to our public schools. If basic problems still exist, as indicated by Mr. Rood’s letter, then we have a major issue facing us.”

Senator Guthertz is looking forward to word from DOE about Ms. Rood’s textbook problem as the basis for further discussion with the family