Senator Guthertz Wants to Amend Hay Study Recommendations


Guam – Bill 469 or the bill that would fund the Hay Study recommended raises has not been reported out of committee. 

 Senator Judi Guthertz says she and other senators are concerned about what they say are inequities in the Hay Study. Senator Guthertz says most of these inequities seem to occur in the middle and upper levels of seniority in the government. These are positions filled with professionals like nurses, teachers, and accountants. These are professionals who are often lured away from Gov Guam by better salaries.

 “We have to be very realistic right now the federal government is recruiting on Guam for technical professional positions the military is doing the same thing the private sector is doing the same thing so we have to make sure that in this government that we have a rewards system that recognizes the faithful service of professionals who perform well in the public service,” said Guthertz.

 The senator says that she would like to change some of the recommendations of the hay study plan and is prepared to make some amendments to raise the level of pay for the professional positions that they feel aren’t properly addressed by the hay study.