Senator Guthertz Will Comment of Draft PA When Persuaded It Has Changed “Significantly”


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz said Thursday afternoon that she will comment on any developments in the drafting of the Programmatic Agreement on the Guam military buildup when she is persuaded that it has been significantly changed, especially as regards the proposed Route 15 range complex and Pagat.

“We’ve asked repeatedly for maps and a solid definition of what defines the Pagat area that the military is pursuing,” said Senator Guthertz, Chairperson of the Legislature’s Military Buildup Committee.

“Without such basic information, we can’t figure out what exactly what the words that are being batted around mean. I think those who are drafting the revised agreement should be allowed to finish their work, while those of us who will be required to analyze it should be given the information needed to do our jobs.

The process right now, with these sentence by sentence changes feels like a series of trial balloons being floated.”