Senator increases scholarships and financial aid for UOG students

An amendment to the budget bill increased funding for the UOG Student Financial Assistance Programs (SFAP) by $500,000. (PNC file photo)

Guam’s college students will be able to avail of more financial aid thanks to an amendment proffered by Senator Amanda L. Shelton to the budget bill to increase funding for the UOG Student Financial Assistance Programs (SFAP) by $500,000.

“This increase in funding to scholarships will afford more students the opportunity to complete their education as the costs associated with pursuing higher education continue to rise. We want to give our students the support they need to succeed in order to build a highly trained and educated workforce for Guam,” said Senator Shelton.

“With these additional appropriations to the UOG Student Financial Assistance Programs, we are investing in our future. We are creating opportunities that allow our residents to pursue their dreams and ultimately keep them serving on Guam.”

The UOG Student Financial Assistance Programs (SFAP) offers support to applicants awarded based on academic merit, other specific achievements, and in locally needed areas of expertise. Recipients of SFAP do not need to pay the aid back or may pay it back by working on Guam for a specified period of time.

The Shelton amendment also supports the popular Jesus U. Torres Professional/Technical (PROTECH) Award under SFAP. The PROTECH Award grants scholarships to students pursuing graduate- and professional-level education, on or off-island, in fields of study critically needed on the island.


(Senator Amanda L. Shelton Release)