Senator introduces Salary Transparency Act

(PNC photo)

Guam – In the midst of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities controversy, Senator Clynt Ridgell wants more transparency in the public sector.

According to an interview on k57’s Andrea Pellacani Show, the senator said that he has just filed Bill 151-35 or the Salary Transparency Act, which would require any board or commission to go through an additional step in the approval of employee salary adjustment proposals.

“It is required that they submit to the legislature and allow it to lay before the Legislature for 90 days. It doesn’t mean that they have to approve or disapprove it. It means that the legislature has it for 90 days and can weigh in on the matter somehow,” Ridgell said.

According to the senator, the bill would provide more transparency in public operations, enabling the legislature and the public to ask the members of the board questions about a proposed adjustment.

The bill also requires that the chairman of the board or commission certify that the raises were discussed in compliance with Guam’s Open Government Law. This stipulation would require that a salary discussion be conducted in an open session and that notice of the meeting be provided.

Ridgell is also thinking about introducing a bill that would eliminate back billing for utilities.