Senator issues clarification on Salary Transparency Act

Senator Clynt Ridgell (file photo)

Guam – A clarification has been issued on the recently introduced Salary Transparency Act.

Senator Clynt Ridgell, the sponsor of Bill 151-35, clarified that the Salary Transparency Act, does not require legislative approval for raises.

On Monday, Ridgell introduced Bill 151-35, which regulates the way in which boards and commissions of autonomous agencies make salary adjustments for their appointed employees.

The bill has a “lay before provision” which requires that any board or commission first submit to the Legislature any approved raises for board-appointed employees.

However, Ridgell said this does not mean that the Legislature would have the power to approve or disapprove the raises because that would mean overstepping the doctrine of separation of powers.

He said the 90-day wait period provision was only included for the sake of transparency and to give the Legislature and the public more time to review and weigh in on proposed salary raises.

Ridgell said he introduced Bill 151-35 after he learned that the current law is inadequate in addressing how boards and commissions should conduct discussions for salary increases.

He added that his bill is another step towards improving transparency and earning the public’s trust.