Senator Lee wants to exempt necessities from proposed 2% tax increase


Guam – Senator Regine Biscoe Lee says she will offer an amendment to the governor’s tax hike bill. The amendment Senator Lee wants added would exempt certain foods and household goods deemed as necessities from the proposed 2% Business Privilege Tax increase. Specifically, the bill would exempt uncooked foods which means raw fruits, vegetables, fish and meats and pharmaceuticals which means drugs as defined under Guam law including over-the-counter drugs, diapers, and feminine hygiene products.

Senator Lee spoke to NewsTalk K57’s Phill Leon Guerrero on his Four Hour Phill show about her proposal. “Any increase in BPT is gonna affect working families its gonna affect their opportunity or the means by which they feed their family by which they provide for basic necessities and so I really wanted to just take the opportunity to just provide some relief for them,” said Senator Lee. The Democrat lawmaker says that many jurisdictions in the U.S. mainland like California exempt categories like these from business or sales taxes.