Senator McCreadie Introdcuces Guam Version of FMLA


 Senator McCreadie and 12 co-sponsors introduced bill 298.

Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie has introduced a Guam version of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA.


 Senator McCreadie and 12 co-sponsors introduced bill 298. The measure provides 12 work weeks of unpaid leave per year and guarantees job protection and continuance of health insurance for employees who either need it for health purposes, need it for a sick loved one, or need it for a new child. There are some differences from the federal version for example the bill has been extended to employers with 25 or more employees and the minimum number of hours required for eligibility has been lowered from 1,250 hours to 1,000 hours. The bill even includes a provision that allows parents up to 8 hours of unpaid leave a month to tend to their children.

 “Any type of emergencies at school any type of school involvement for the child that the parent can then have 8 hours a month maximum forty hours a year and they can use that unpaid leave to go and take care of their child or be involved with their child at school,” said McCreadie.


 The Senator says that an overwhelming number of studies have shown that students with involved parents are more likely to do better in school.