Senator McCreadie Participates in White House Conference Call on Criminal Justice Reform


Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie took part in a conference call with White House officials yesterday(Tues.) regarding criminal justice reform.


 Local and state elected officials across the country were invited to join in on the conference call with Jerry Abramson the Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Roy Austin the Deputy Assistant to the president for Urban Affairs Opportunity and Justice. The purpose of the conference call was to discuss the need to reform America’s criminal justice system. “It was my intention to listen to what was said in other jurisdictions and what their problems are and the problems seem to be the same. One is funding and two is the recidivism rate and Guam is no stranger to that. We need more funding and we need to try and rehabilitate our offenders so they don’t re-offend.”


 Senator McCreadie says part of this criminal justice reform is centered around releasing non-violent offenders back into the community. The Senator says if this is done on Guam then the money saved from their incarceration should be put towards law enforcement.