Senator McCreadie Working on Legislation to Curb Squatting and Loitering


The Senator is working on a bill that he hopes will cut back on the increasing trend of squatters and ecampments especially in the Tumon area.

Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie is working on legislation to help curb squatting and loitering



 The Senator says that his office has received complaints about an increase in squatters and loiterers in the heart of the tourism district in Tumon. The Senator held a roundtable meeting yesterday with members of the Guam Police Department and the Tamuning Mayor to discuss ways to prevent this increasing trend. According to the Tamuning Mayor and GPD officers part of the problem surrounds the current laws that prevent loitering and camping in beach areas for extended periods of time. “This is a starting point and then we can tighten up the loitering we can make that really strict and then we can go to squatting so I think it’s a three pronged approach I don’t think it’s one silver bullet that can solve all our problems,” said McCreadie. The Senator says he wants to start with a piece of legislation that strengthens Guam’s current anti-loitering laws.


  1. Quit kicking the locals and putting the poor people in Jail…Donate and return your retro pay and salary increase to the people….quit faking….

  2. In this day and age of political correctness, I’m going to be politically incorrect in my assessment of this problem. When I approach a red light, I find myself moving as far away from the cardboard carrying vagrant who is more than happy to pester motorists by shoving their signs in our faces. I’m expecting that pretty soon, one vagrants will see fit to start harassing motorists at the new Maga Haga road in Tiyan. As for squatters, all you have to do is drive up from the Veteran’s Cemetery with your windows down and you’ll be hit with the nauseating smell of human feces from the people staying in their shacks 1/2 up from the Asan lookout. We now make it a point to roll our windows up when we pass there now. You see these squatters on your way up to the Cela Bay lookout too. What is being done about this? Do they even have porta potties? If they don’t, then human feces and urine are entering our island’s soil and possibly contaminating the ground water. So what I had to say wasn’t exactly politically correct but I’m sure we’re all tired of this nonsense. It’s time to crack down on these violators.

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