Senator Mike San Nicolas Says It’s “Very Clear” That GovGuam Has Cash Shortage


Senator Writes Letter to DOA Director Questioning Slow Release of Tax Refunds

Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas says it’s pretty obvious that GovGuam has a cash shortage.



 The Senator wrote a letter to Department of Administration director Tony Blaz saying he won’t support an increase to DOA until more tax refunds are payed out. San Nicolas is concerned about the pace of the payment of refunds because only two disbursements have been made in the last month. The Senator says the last payment for refunds was on June 10th and it only paid out about $4.2 million dollars. The last payment before this was on May 21st and it was for $4.1 million. The Senator says that these last two payments have only paid refunds for those who filed up to February 12th of this year. “When refunds aren’t getting paid when vendors aren’t getting paid when agencies aren’t able to account for the money they are supposed to have at a certain point in the year then it’s very clear that there’s a serious cash issue,” said Senator San Nicolas adding, “Aside from the refunds we also have disputes from employees regarding the competitive wage act that has gone unresolved and we have vendors that have gone unpaid for more than 30 days and so when you add all these things up and you sit back and you ask yourself can you really justify a 20 percent increase in the budget of an operation that has those kinds of results? For me I can’t.”


 The Senator says that the sluggishness in refund payments has drawn the ire of many people the community.