Senator Mike San Nicolas Will Hold Confirmation Hearing For DOA Director


Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas will convene a confirmation hearing for Christine Baleto on Thursday April 28th 2016 beginning at 5:30pm in the legislature’s public hearing room.

Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas will be holding a confirmation hearing on the Governor’s nominee for the position of Department of Administration Director.



 Yesterday (Weds.) Governor Eddie Calvo wrote a letter to Speaker Judi Won Pat urging her to use her powers as Speaker to force a confirmation hearing for acting DOA Director Christine Baleto. Senator Mike San Nicolas held Baleto’s nomination back in March because DOA was behind $21 million dollars in deposits to the Tax Refund Trust Fund Account. At the time refunds weren’t being paid out at the pace of revenue collections which is what the Tax Refund Trust Fund Account is supposed to ensure.

 Today(Thurs.) the administration announced it would be paying out $22.8 million in tax refunds on Friday. Then this afternoon Senator San Nicolas announced that he would be holding a confirmation hearing for Baleto.

 Speaker Judi Won Pat also responded to the Governor’s letter today(Thurs.) saying in part that while “she personally would like to have public hearings for all appointees and legislation she too must respect the process”. She also cited the importance of the seperations of powers. 





Speaker Judith T. Won Pat responds to Governor Calvo’s request for the immediate public hearing of Department of Administration’s Director Appointee.


Hagåtña, Guam April 21, 2016 — Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D., D-Inalåhan has written a letter in response to Governor Calvo’s request for an immediate public hearing for Christine Baleto’s appointment as Department of Administration Director.


In her letter, Speaker Won Pat stressed the importance of adhering to procedure stating that it “affords support for everyone who is involved, ensures that rights and responsibilities are respected, and that information is accurately reported.”  She further emphasized that, as a former Senator, Governor Calvo is well versed on legislative procedure. 


Speaker Won Pat noted that “while [she] personally would like to have public hearings for all appointees and legislation, [she], too, must respect the process” and concurs with the late Justice Scalia that “the separation of power provides checks and balances that ensure we have a ‘government of law, not of men.’”





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