Senator Morrison Asks For Community Input on Proposed Agat Hotel


Senator Tommy Morrison has asked the Governor to allow for community input before a proposed 15 story hotel in Agat is given the green light.

Guam – Senator Tommy Morrison is concerned about the proposed development of a 15-story hotel in the village of Agat



 The Senator wrote a letter to the Governor asking Governor Eddie Calvo to ensure that Guam’s families have opportunities to comment on the proposed development. GEDA officials have confirmed that they have met with PADL or Pacific Asia Development Ltd. which is the developer who is proposing this new hotel. According to GEDA, PADL has expressed an interest in GEDA’s Q.C. program for their proposed 144 beachfront hotel that they are interested in building across the street from the Agat marina. They have not officially applied for a Q.C. but they did have a preliminary meeting with GEDA officials to inquire about the Q.C. program. Senator Morrison says he’s spoken to some residents of Agat who say they would like to know more about this potential hotel project. The Senator says that while any new hotel is great news for our economy he would like to have the communities that will be the most affected by the hotel weigh in with their thoughts.

 “Any economic opportunity down South will be welcome and it’s a good sign for our island. However my concern is and of course many residents down South is there has to be questions and there has to be input there has to be many involvement from all those surrounding areas to ensure that our environment and the impacts to the society in that area is addressed,” said Senator Morrison.


 The Senator says he just wants to ensure the involvement and the input of the residents of the South.


  1. The community said no to you giving yourself a pay raise but that didn’t matter. You went ahead and voted for your pay raise as well as your mom’s who works for the Governor’s office…together you two are eating up close to 200,000 dollars of the people’s money…So why is the community input so important in the building of this hotel and not important when it came to yuo spending the people’s money ….on your pay raise…vote this jerk out….of the legislature.

  2. I read what Hafa Talu had to say and laughed out loud. This guy makes a lot of sense. Why does the developer have to listen to what the community has to say about the proposed hotel? Are they going to help with the design? This is a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. This is almost as funny as Congresswoman Bordallo saying we need to fight ISIS. Like ISIS really cares about the goings on on Guam! A lot of these politicians are in for a rude awakening come Nov. 2016. I will bring my list of those who won’t get my vote (because of the pay increase) to the polls and regardless of party affiliation, I’m voting for a whole new bunch of faces. I’m tired of seeing these career politicians year after year getting fat on the backs of the people.

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