Abandoned Vehicle Program Update: Santa Rita & Barrigada Done; Yona Next


Guam – Senator Tina Muna-Barnes is reporting that the revived abandoned vehicle collection program has successfully complete cleanup efforts in 2 villages, Santa Rita and Barrigada. The program moves onto Yona next.

The clean up program is picking up abandoned cars as well as other loose metal, and white goods including stoves, water heaters and refrigerators.

The Senator credits the collaboration between her office, the Mayor’s Council, the General Services Agency, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, and Balli Steel.

Additionally, the Na Gås Gås i Tanota program allows for the collection of passenger tires and ship them off-island through a strategic alliance with other recycling companies.

Senator Muña Barnes is quoted in a release as saying: “I would like to recognize the hard work of the stakeholders who come to the table every week to make sure this program is a shining example of our tax dollars at work. People pay into this fund and are able to witness their tax dollars in action in a way that positively impacts our environment. Our mayors are going door to door to ensure all trash is removed.”