Senator Palacios Seeks Answers To Impact of Court’s Overtime Ruling


Guam – The Chairman of the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee, Senator Adolpho Palacios is calling on the island’s Public Safety Director’s to brief his committee on the impact of Wednesday’s Guam Supreme Court decision which found that overtime must be paid to the island’s law enforcement officers after 40 hours of work, not 43.

In a letter to the the Guam Polcie Department, the Department of Corrections, Guam Fire and the Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Office, Senator Palacios asked for information on the implications of the ruling on:

*the FY 2011 budget

*duty schedules

*and potential class action suits for back pay.

Senator Palacios says he is concerned that the implications of the ruling may be far reaching.

The policy that allowed law enforcement officers to work up to 43 hours a week without having to pay overtime had been in effect since the late 19080’s and Palacios says that Guam law the provides for over-time compensation for work in excess of 40 hours a week has never been amended.