Senator Palacios Wants Investigation Into DOC Barbecue Video Leak


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios wants an investigation on where a homemade video of inmates barbecuing at the department of correction was leaked from.

The legislative Public Safety Chair says he found the video disturbing and sees serious security implications that need to be addressed.

Palacios says the authorized barbecue that appears in the footage is fine with him. However, the gathering is the least of his concerns.

Palacios says he is preparing a letter to DOC Director J.B. Palacios to confirm the date of the video and the appearance of a minimum security presence. But he wants to know if the video was leaked from the laptop that was seized by Guam police during the murder investigation of inmate Allen Feranco. Palacios says if that is the case, then evidence may have been tampered with and it could affect the integrity of the investigation.

“Preliminary conversation with the director of corrections, and I told him to put this in writing as a formal reply to my inquiry, is that yes, the owner…in fact, the person who took the video, which is the prisoner, actually admitted that it is in the hard drive of the computer that’s confiscated by the Guam Police Department and now in the custody of the Guam Police Department” said Palacios. “And if that is the case, once that is confirmed, then I want the AG to verify whether indeed this is the case…and to look whether there is some criminal implication here, with respect to a release of information.”

PNC also spoke again with Warden Francisco Crisostomo, who says the inmates that violated doc policies in the video have been disciplined accordingly and that the no laptop policy still stands. He also says the food barbecued in the footage was donated by DOC staff. He further reiterates that DOC is not a penitentiary, but a correctional facility, which fully supports the rehabilitation process of prisoners.