Senator Pangelinan Accuses Administration Of “Less Than Transparent Record” On Pay Raises; Hearing Tuesday


Guam –  Senator Ben Pangelinan’s Appropriations Committee will hold a public hearing tomorrow on the Governor’s proposed Hay Study pay adjustment bill. The hearing will take place in the Public Hearing Room starting at 3 am tomorrow [Tuesday].

Bill 469-30 (COR) would modify existing Guam law in order to implement a compensation policy consistent with the government-wide position, classification, compensation and benefits study by the Hay Group.

In preparation for the hearing, Senator Pangelinan says he wrote three letters to the Camacho administration seeking clarification and disclosure of data that was used to develop the proposed pay increases to government employees. 

The first letter sent on October 19, requested the funding source of the additional $5.5 million identified by the Governor to cover raises for unclassified appointees including himself and his appointees. 

A second letter sent to the Governor on October 29 requested clarification about the order to implement the pay raises without a public hearing on Bill 469.  Executive Order 2010-24 and the Department of Administration Circular 2010-26 prohibited any pay raises until after the passage of Bill 469. 

A separate letter was also sent to the Department of Administration Director Lou Perez asking for disclosure of the pay raise appropriation distribution methodology and calculations that show current government of Guam pay scale relative to the national average.

As of this date, no responses have been received to the Committee’s requests and pay raises are in process for line agency employees in the most recent pay period to be paid out this week. 

The Office of Finance and Budget confirmed last week that the Guam Department of Education, University of Guam, Guam Community College, Guam Memorial Hospital and the Public Defender Service Corporation have yet to receive any communication from DOA on how they will be included in the $13.1 million appropriation for raises in Public Law 30-196.

“I am concerned that the Governor is trying to push through pay raises that are not fair to all government employees.  There seems to be a race against the clock to spend the pay increase appropriation without any transparency about how the appropriation was allocated and administered”  stated the Senator.

Senator Pangelinan concludes, “Unfortunately the Camacho administration continues to be less than transparent when it comes to compensation.  They tried to hide the unused leave cash payouts and now they are rushing thorough a government wide compensation plan without any input from employees or other citizens.  I am asking the Governor-elect Calvo’s transition team to please request that Governor Camacho proceed cautiously and implement the raises fairly so the teachers and nurses are not left without any money for their raises.”