VIDEO: Senator Pangelinan Wants to See Breakdown of What This Year’s Surplus is Being Spent On


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan isn’t convinced that the government of Guam is spending current year cash on prior year obligations. Yesterday BBMR director Benita Manglona told PNC that this is why Gov Guam is experiencing a cash shortfall.

 “Absent them coming forward and being transparent about it we just cant really trust without verifying,” said Senator Pangelinan. The Budget Chairman wants to see a breakdown of the obligations from last fiscal year that the administration says it is paying with this years cash. Yesterday Benita Manglona told PNC that Gov Guam is collecting $4 million dollars more than they anticipated but $55 million dollars of current year cash is being used to pay some of last years obligations. She pointed out that the last two fiscal years saw significant cash shortfalls which have carried over to this year causing the government to have to play catch up.

 However, Senator Pangelinan says he’s asked them to provide him a breakdown of the bills they are paying from the prior year since February. “They still haven’t come to us with what is it that they’re paying that is causing this shortfall. What are they catching up on?” said Pangelinan. The senator says he wants to see a breakdown because he can’t think of any major bills from last year that the government would have to use this years funds to pay for. “We trust that they’re doing something with the money because we know they’re collecting it we know they’re not paying the refunds but we have to verify what are they paying it on and what are they using the money for so that we can make these adjustments,” said Senator Pangelinan.

 PNC asked the administration for a breakdown of the last years obligations that are being paid with this years cash however as of news time they have yet to provide the breakdown.