VIDEO: Senator Pangelinan Says Governor is Breaking Tax Refund Law, Governor Says He’s Done Nothing Illegal


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan says Governor Eddie Calvo has been breaking the law by using money set aside for tax refunds for other purposes. The Governor says this is false.

Senator Ben Pangelinan has written a letter to the Attorney General urging him to pursue legal action for withdrawing nearly $43 million dollars from the refund trust fund between Oct. 1st of 2011 and Nov. 30th of 2013 without using it to pay out tax refunds.

Senator Pangelinan says this account is only allowed for the payment of tax refunds and if money is taken out and not used for tax refunds it’s illegal. However, Governor Eddie Calvo says he’s done nothing illegal.

“I know I’ve been called many things. A drama queen the last day. A few days ago now I guess he’s questioning my ability to act in a legal manner. I feel very confident that I’ve been following the laws as Governor but again with that. I can’t stop what comes out of his mouth other than it drives me to work even harder for the people,” said Governor Calvo.

Senator Pangelinan replied saying, “Then it goes to show you that if I leave him alone he will not follow the law and he would never would have paid these refunds if I hadn’t kept on his case about the fact that this is something that we owe the people of Guam and this is something that we should do.” Senator Pangelinan says that the only way they can pay out tax refunds other than borrowing money is to ensure that money is set aside into the income tax payment account.