Senator Pangelinan Works With Rev&Tax to Reduce Tax Leakage


Guam – Senator Pangelinan held a roundtable meeting today to talk about collecting taxes on military contracts.


 The focus of today’s roundtable meeting was on how to eliminate the leakage of tax revenue that occurs from off-island contractors. In the past, off-island contractors have done work on military bases without paying local taxes. Senator Pangelinan says it’s important to ensure that Guam gets it’s fair share of all the money that will be flowing through the island as a result of the military buildup. “Information is the key to all of this and the exchange of information between the federal government, Department of Revenue and Tax is going to be the key rather than us using our meager resources at this time to chase the information down when the information is provided to the federal government that they share that information with us and then we can move in terms of making sure that people are complying with the appropriate legislation and laws of Guam,” said Pangelinan. The Senator says that in the past Gov Guam has not had access to all the information the federal government has about it’s contracts on Guam.