Senator Parkinson denies allegations against him

Sen. Thomas Fisher and Sen. William Parkinson

Democratic Senator Will Parkinson, former member of the political group Progressive Democrats of Guam, is denying ethic complaint allegations against him.

Republican Senator Tom Fisher filed an ethics complaint against Parkinson for failing to disclose that he is an officer with the political group last Friday.

According to Senator Fisher, “the complaint references Resolution 67-37, which calls for the establishment of a Special Investigation Committee to probe into alleged criminal activity performed by ‘Mr. J.J,’ who is a member of PDG.”

The Progressive Democrats of Guam is currently being investigated by the Legislature for allegedly creating and spreading a false amendment made to Republican Senator Chris Duenas’s bill 32-37.

“Parkinson is an officer of the PDG but never disclosed this fact to the Guam Legislature, a violation of Guam law,” said Fisher.

In response to Fisher’s claims, Parkinson, in an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, says that the claims are without merit.

“I am not an officer of the Progressive Democrats of Guam. I was a member in 2020 but I have not had any activity with the group since the pandemic,” said Parkinson.

“This is literally guilt by association. I am not an active member. To be clear I was once a member of Progressive Democrats of Guam, but I have not been an active member for several years. I have not attended meetings in years,” Parkinson added.

However Fisher, who was also interviewed on NewsTalk K57, said that Parkinson’s statements are false.

According to Fisher, Parkinson identified himself both as a member and an officer of PDG since the 2022 election campaign.

Fisher further added that regardless of Parkinson being a current member or not, the issue is that Parkinson did not disclose that when running for office.




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