Senator promises oversight hearing on airport employee gambling allegations

Sen. Amanda Shelton (PNC file photo)

Senator Amanda L. Shelton, the legislative chair on air transportation, has promised to hold an oversight hearing on airport employee gambling allegations.

“The legislative branch of government will conduct a thorough oversight review of reported illegal online gambling activity by employees at the Guam International Airport Authority. I received a courtesy briefing from airport management regarding the matter and quite frankly, what I heard concerns me greatly. But because there is at least one ongoing investigation, and with the understanding that any information about the matter is to be kept private and confidential until the matter is resolved, I am honoring my word until such time the investigation is completed,” Shelton said in a statement.

For now, the senator is urging airport management to continue taking all necessary response measures to address what is known and appropriate steps to prevent any future improprieties.

“I believe this is good general policy for all government agencies. At this point in time, the best thing to do is let the designated authorities do their work unimpeded. However, given the Committee’s oversight responsibility, I can assure you we will thoroughly review not only the alleged activity and resulting investigation, but the investigation itself and its outcome,” Shelton said.

She added: “Our review will include one or more hearings. If need be, I will not hesitate to use any other legislative oversight tools we have at our disposal. Hearings will take place at the appropriate time. The middle of an ongoing investigation is not the appropriate time for legislative oversight and policy recommendations. We’ll allow the investigative process to take its course first.”