Senator Respicio Calls for Reform of Political Advertising


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio is sponsoring a new measure to require candidates for political office to personally stand behind their political advertisements including ads critical of their opponents.

Bill 27 would require all political ads either on TV ads or the internet have to include statements by the candidate saying that they personally approved the ad. If it is a TV ad or video ad for the internet, the candidate has to personally appear in the ad to state that they approved it.

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Respicio’s bill is based on the current federal requirement for Presidential and Congressional elections which requires candidates to appear in TV ads to state that they personally approved them. Respicio explained, “By increasing personal accountability, I believe that this will help curb negative advertising, especially inaccurate negative advertising.” Respicio’s Bill No. 27 also would require that third party ads in support of a candidate would also be required to have the disclaimer indicating that the ad was not done with the approval of the candidate.

The Senator went on to state, “I believe that voters are tired of negative advertising and want candidates to stick to the issues. This measure will help clear the airwaves so that hopefully campaigns in the future will be cleaner.”