Respicio Defends Guam SHPO, Despite Scathing Report Questioning Her Competence


Guam – The culture and tourism subcommittee transition report is very critical of the Guam State Historic Preservation Officer Lynda Aguon.


 The report states that numerous government agencies have accused her of establishing a severe pattern of obstructionism, insubordination, micro-managing, abuse and incompetence.

Read the Culture and Tourism Sub-Committee Report

Senator Rory Respicio is among several senators who have supported Aguon for her refusal to sign off on the programmatic agreement. He says Aguon was already removed as SHPO during the Camacho administration because she was requiring people to follow historic preservation laws.

“I fully expected that a transition report would say something like that and it just reaffirms my position that maybe you do need someone like Lynda Aguon whose not afraid to stand up and any time someone goes against the bureaucracy or goes against the establishment the one thing you might want to do is cry foul say she’s this she’s that I think her record will speak for itself,” said Respicio.

 The Senator adds that he is thankful that Governor Calvo has issued a letter reaffirming the administration’s decision to designate Aguon as the Guam State Historic Preservation Officer.