VIDEO: Senator Respicio Dismisses Diaz Ethics Complaint Against Senator Blas


Guam – Rules Committee Chairman Senator Rory Respicio has dismissed the ethics complaint filed by Jonathan Diaz against Senator Frank Blas Jr.

Diaz alleged in his complaint that Blas had committed an act of moral turpitude by not recusing himself from voting in favor of bill 488. The legislation which has been passed and signed into law mandates that the Guam Election Commission reconfigure the ballot in order to place Diaz on the primary.

READ Senator Respicio’s letter to Jonathan Diaz dismissing Diaz’s ethics complaint

Diaz believes that because he is the only one running on the independent ticket he should automatically advance to the general election. Senator Respicio officially received and reviewed his complaint yesterday and dismissed it because Diaz did not meet the deadline to file an ethics complaint.

“The standing rules provide that a complaint against the legislature cannot be filed after July 2nd 2012,” explained Senator Respicio.

The rules committee chairman says the rules exist to prevent people from filing frivolous ethics complaints within 60 days of an election in the hopes of affecting the outcome of the election.