Senator Respicio is Considering Repealing Alcohol Curfew Law


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio is working on legislation that would repeal the law that has shortened the curfew on selling alchohol.

As you may recall a law was recently passed that makes it illegal to sell alchohol after 2am. Previously alcohol could be sold up until 4am on weekends. Senator Respicio says 6 senators voted no on this law which is one reason why he’s introduced legislation to repeal it. Respicio says restricting the sale of alchohol isn’t the way to prevent drinking and driving.

“What we’re hearing is that it’s created binge drinkers, so they leave their house at eleven o’ clock they go to these clubs they just wanna pound it down cuz they have to leave at 1:45. That’s an un-intended consequence of those who supported the bill. We want to get them to realize that you’re probably be doing more damage than actually addressing what the real issue is and that’s drunk driving.”

Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz is the senator who introduced the bill that reduced the hours of alchohol sales. He says that it’s Respicio’s or any other senator’s right to try and repeal any law they don’t agree with. He is however concerned that there is a possibility that there may be enough votes to repeal the law. “Well it was a 7-7 vote and then it came down to one member being forced to vote on it so I don’t know, it could it could switch the other way.”