Senator Respicio Offers Interim Approach to Convening Guam First Commission


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio has sent a letter to Governor Calvo recommending an interim approach to convening the Guam First Commission.



 The senator says that the governor could call an informal meeting of Guam First Commission members while technical amendments are developed that would allow for the full implementation of the the commission. The senator says it’s important to convene the commission because of the growing dissonance among various interest groups in the community. Specifically he is concerned about members of the business community who have expressed unreserved support for the buildup, something he says is not shared by the broader community. “By convening the Guam First Commission and having a Representative from the Chamber of Commerce sit on that commission we can guarantee that we are gonna speak with one voice and put Guam first,” said Respicio.

 The senator says that by bringing everyone together under the Guam First Commission the government can bridge these varied perspectives on the military buildup.