Senator Respicio Disappointed With Delay in Convening Guam First Commission


Guam – Senator Respicio expressed some disappointment over the Governor’s appointments to the Guam First Commission Thursday saying the Commission could have been copnvened in time to meet with the defense delegation that came to Guam Thursday.

Senator Respicio says that the legislature has already appointed it’s members to the commission. Their members will include speaker Judi Wonpat, Senator Judi Guthertz, Senator Frank Blas Jr. and Senator Rory Respicio. “For the governor to keep saying he’s empaneled the Guam First Commission and yet hasn’t even convened it’s first meeting you know I’m still encouraged but I’m wondering if he’d convene the first meeting before the military buildup actually occurs or after.”

The Senator adds that today [Thursday] was a prime example of how federal officials end up meeting with Guam leaders separately instead of meeting at one time with a single group such as the Guam First Commission.