Senator Respicio Wants to Know If Old DOA Building Really Needs Demolishing


Senator Respicio Says He Wants to Revitalize Hagatna And Do Something About The Building

Guam – Senator Rory Respicio has withdrawn his bill that would’ve authorized the demolition of the vacant Governor Manuel F.L. Guerrero administration building in Hagatna.



This building which is across the street from the Hagatna police precinct used to house the Department of Administration or DOA, the Treasurer of Guam and the Department of Education’s central offices. During a public hearing held yesterday (Weds) Senator Respicio decided to send the bill back to committee until he could determine whether or not the building was indeed structurally sound and whether or not the building should be completely demolished or just repaired. “If it is structurally sound then is there really a need to tear up the whole area? I understand that the administration has plans. Governor Calvo talked about the Governor’s Palacio so we need to see if the building is structurally sound. Can there be a way to preserve part of the building and then do a Governor’s Palacio or is there really a need to level that building entirely?” asked Senator Respicio.

Respicio says he wants to see the village of Hagatna revitalized and he agrees something needs to be done about this building.