Senator responds to ethics complaint

Senator Telo Taitague (PNC file photo)

Senator Telo Taitague has issued a response to an ethics complaint filed against her.

According to the complaint filed by Joseph F. Cruz, Guam Visitors Bureau transcripts noted the board’s discussion of then Deputy General Manager Taitague’s alleged “tendency of bypassing protocol and directly interfering with vendors” as well as a “kickback” from a vendor.

In her statement, Taitague said she must be pushing some buttons with her hardline position against illegal drugs, gov’t corruption, local Republican Party politics, and self-interest legislation.

The senator believes the new ethics complaint is yet another effort by her critics to discredit her straight talk, no-nonsense approach to dealing with issues including special interest legislation, potential illegal drug activity, and questionable hiring practices in GovGuam as well as legislation benefiting members of the legislature and their families.

“Every citizen has the right to register a complaint against an elected official if they suspect illegal activity. I can assure the People of Guam that everything in the ethics complaint filed against me is baseless. I take these allegations seriously and I am prepared to answer questions and respond to any investigation by the legislature,” Taitague said.

She added: “The People of Guam didn’t elect me to turn a blind eye to questionable activity in their government. I will not stop asking the hard questions of our public officials and I will not be intimidated by these politically orchestrated moves to silence me.”

(Senator Telo Taitague Release)