Senator Rodriguez Disagrees with Finding New GMH Replacements


Governor Eddie Calvo, however, says he will ensure a smooth transition at GMH.

Guam – With a hospital that’s lost its critical leadership, health oversight chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr says the Guam Memorial Hospital should continue to run under the governor’s leadership and not a new one.



Governor Calvo says that although he’s already submitted names to the legislature, he’s not rushing to fill that void either.


Just in the last few weeks, the Guam Memorial Hospital has seen its fair share of losses, reaching a dangerous level of outstanding debt, losing three board members and now its CEO Ted Lewis, who just weeks ago was accused of sexual harassment.

With such a huge gap in leadership roles, Governor Eddie Calvo decided to invoke his organic authority to step in as the board of the hospital and empanel an advisory council at GMH.

But Committee on Health chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr says now’s not the time to go searching for new appointees. Rodriguez was on the K57 Four Hour Phil show with host Phill Leon Guerrero.


“For me it’s not the solution. We just really need to get them the help they need and I believe the governor of Guam would be able to do that,” Rodriguez said.

“Because we’ve seen this pattern in the past and we know that the past the history has demonstrated that it doesn’t work and perhaps we have to look at this as an opportunity for the governor to provide them that immediate fix that is needed,” he added.

Senator Rodriguez says the governor has already submitted three names to the legislature for confirmation to the GMH Board of Trustees.

“Before the governor had transmitted those names I really seriously asked him to consider withholding making those nomination because as the governor has now taken over the operations of the hospital, I believe he can make the changes and provide them support that’s needed right now,” noted Rodriguez.

“I really respect the sentiments of the oversight chair and I think anyone that knows me, I’m very deliberate. I don’t move rationally,” the governor responded today.

Governor Calvo, however, points out that although he wants to replace that board and the CEO he will ensure a smooth transition when it happens.

“So there is not disagreement from my part that I’m not gonna make any major changes and also put people in certain positions where they’re not prepared or there is, what I see, a disruption. Like I said, at this point, I’m not going to rush the process either. We’ve been handed a certain number of cards in a deck, and I wouldn’t say they’re four aces but with that we are going to make do with what we’ve got,” Governor Calvo said.