Senator Rodriguez Has Introduced Legislation to Help GMH With Money it Owes Health Care Providers


The bill which is co-sponsored by Senator Rory Respicio would essentially allow Govguam to pay money that GMH owes to health care providers with tax breaks.



Guam – Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. has introduced legislation that he hopes will help Guam’s public hospital with some of it’s bills.



 Bill 240 would essentially allow GovGuam to pay money that GMH owes to healthcare providers with tax breaks. In other words if a healthcare provider is owed money by GMH, that healthcare provider would be eligible for tax breaks in lieu of the money owed. Specifically the healthcare providers would be able to get breaks with their business privilege taxes to offset their past due billings. The same would be allowed for the Medically Indigent Program or the Guam Medicaid Program. If any of these programs or GMH fails to pay a claim for services and products for more than 90 days after receiving an invoice, the health care provider shall be entitled to an offset equal to the value of the unpaid services it provides. Also any health care service provider that takes these tax offsets must participate and continuously provide services to MIP, the Guam Medicaid Program recipients or GMH. The bill is co-sponsored by Senator Rory Respicio.