Senator Rodriguez Holds Hearing on Hospice Care


Stakeholders Say Assisted Living For the Island’s Elderly is Needed

Guam – Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. held an informational hearing to determine what is needed to develop an assisted living industry on Guam.

 Members of the healthcare and elderly care community were on hand to discuss some of the things needed to create an industry that would provide things like hospice care. Dr. Vince Akimoto told lawmakers that they would need legislation to enable this industry to start. “We believe this is regulatory legislation that would give the framework for people to understand from a legal standpoint about what is exactly about to happen. Again to answer the question is this about a place or a concept or a new type of service? And I believe this is a new type of senior care service that Guam has for a long time needed,” said Dr. Akimoto. “Time is of the essence you know. Every day, every month and year that goes by is really taking it’s toll so we’ve got to work fast and hard to make sure it happens,” said Senator Rodriguez.


 Senator Rodriguez says that he will create an ad hoc committee of the committee of health consisting of stakeholders who can stay on top of this issue.