Senator Rodriguez Requests GMHA Loan Update From Attorney General


Guam – Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. has written to Attorney General Lenny Rapadas asking for an update on the AG’s review of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority’s loan of $12 million dollars.

The loan was authorized by emergency legislation last month which former Governor Camacho signed into law and GMH badly needs to pay off at least part of the $20 million the hospital owes to various vendors.

Read Senator Rodriquez’s letter to the AG

A release from Senator Rodriquez states:

The loan, authorized by P.L. 30-200 will ensure that the Guam Memorial Hospital is able to make overdue payments to vendors who supply necessary supplies and services to the hospital.  This short term financing will enable the Guam Memorial Hospital to resume relations with its vendors and continue to provide services to the people of Guam.

In the letter, the Senator stated that the last update he received from the Guam Economic and Development Authority indicated that the Attorney General’s Office was still in the process of reviewing and finalizing the loan.  Senator Rodriguez requested that all efforts be taken by the Attorney General to quickly complete the review of the loan documents if not already done.  The Senator also stands ready to provide any assistance through legislative action to the Attorney General’s Office in dealing with the Guam Memorial Hospital loan review.

Senator Rodriguez would like to emphasize the importance of the matter by saying, “I want to keep on top of this urgent matter to provide what is needed to our hospital.

I want to ensure that all entities take the necessary steps to expedite the loan process and allow the Guam Memorial Hospital to carry out quality patient care.”