Senator San Nicolas proposes bill to ensure road money fixes roads


Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas has introduced a bill that he hopes will negate the need to raise the liquid fuel tax.

According to a release from Senator San Nicolas’ office bill 151 “would ensure that road money goes to fix roads”. The bill would ensure that the current liquid fuel taxes which are meant for the Guam highway fund are used for road repair and maintenance. Highway fund money has been used for things other than road repair like travel by island mayors. Bill 151 would require that all of these highway funds be used solely for the repair and maintenance of public roads. In fact, it would make it a third-degree felony to expend, authorize or even appropriate this money to anything other than the repair maintenance and improvement of Guam’s roadways, sidewalks, street lights, guardrails, road signage, and other road related expenses. Senator San Nicolas is quoted in the release as saying “road money should go to fix roads–not to government operations or travel expenses. Let’s use the money we have now rather than raising taxes,” adding “There are three proposals to raise taxes which places an ever increasing burden on our working families. The government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We need to refocus and reprioritize our existing resources, avoid putting additional tax burdens on our people, and live within our means.” The bill also renames the fund to the public roads fund.