Senator San Nicolas to run for Congress in 2018

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas said these critical federal resources which comprise nearly 50% of the entire local appropriation for education will markedly improve Guam's readiness for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to restart face-to-face learning and work to fill any gaps in virtual learning, (PNC file photo)

Senator Mike San Nicolas has officially announced his intention to run for Guam’s delegate seat in Congress.

Guam – The Senator posted a video on his Facebook page explaining his reasoning behind his decision to run for Delegate.  Among the issues brought up: the difficulties the Guam Delegate to Congress has getting on the national agenda without having an actual vote on the house floor.

Senator San Nicolas believes times have changed, and with new technology there are more ways to get Guam’s message out to the public and grab some national attention. Senator San Nicolas says Guam needs to change the way that it brings it’s issues to the federal government by focusing on how it’s issues affect the nation as a whole.

“For years we’ve talked about supplemental security income, SSI. This is a payout from the U.S. treasury that a lot of people with disabilities are able to get throughout the United States. We’re not able to get that here on Guam. The question shouldn’t be why are we not able to get SSI here on Guam, the question should be do we really want to discriminate against people with disabilities based on where they live? If you have a disability in Texas and you move to Guam should you no longer receive the compensation you were receiving when you were in Texas as a result of your disability? Of course not. So, it shouldn’t be a question about what Guam isn’t getting it should be a question about whether or not we’re going to discriminate based on where you live especially for people with disabilities. I think that if we elevate the conversation to the national level we’ll get a better outcome,” said Senator San Nicolas.

Senator San Nicolas believes he can bring Guam’s issues to the national level which is why he says he has decided to run for Congress.

“We’ve been thinking about running for Congress and I’ve made the decision. I would be so honored if you would continue to support me the way you have over these past few years in spite of all of the opposition to all of the different politicians having their own agendas. It’s been you the people of Guam that’s lifted us up and told us to just keep doing the work that we’re doing just never mind all of the noise. I’d like to continue that work for you in Washington as your delegate,” said Senator San Nicolas.

Senator San Nicolas will be running on the Democratic ticket.