Senator seeks emergency declaration for public pools

Senator Kelly Marsh (Taitano)

Senator Kelly Marsh (Taitano) has sent a letter to Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio, asking for an emergency declaration that would allow for the expeditious procurement of much-needed parts and equipment for the Dededo and Hagåtña swimming pools.

The senator said she and her staff have been working diligently to address the long-standing problems with the island’s public pools in Dededo and Hagåtña.

“My office has been requesting dramatic improvements in DPR’s management of the pool contract for Dededo and Hagåtña. Our community deserves clean and safe pools. Our community deserves long-term solutions, no more band-aid fixes,” the senator said in a news release.

According to the senator, a number of improvements and changes have been made at the Dededo Pool to ensure a higher level of maintenance and accountability. These include:

* Dededo Pool equipment has been updated, most notably a faulty gauge was replaced and a pulsar feeder is ready for installation. The new pulsar feeder will automatically adjust the chemical balance of the pool, to ensure public health standards for safety are met.

* A new set of chemicals that will work in concert with the pulsar feeder are being used.

* A new certified pool operator has been assigned to maintain the public pools.

* DPR has adopted a new, stricter and more accurate set of standards for the testing of the pool waters.

Solutions from Dededo can also be applied to Hagatna

According to the senator, the same long-term solutions adopted for the Dededo pool can also be applied to the repair and future maintenance of the Hagåtña Pool.

The senator also offered sincere thanks to the Manhoben Swim Club and Elite Boys liaisons who are now working with her office to ensure that they have the most up to date information on the situation at our public pools.