Senator seeks opinion on GPD nominee’s mental health

(PNC photo)

Guam –  Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje, who has legislative oversight authority over the Guam Police Department, wants a second opinion on the mental health status of Steven Ignacio, the governor’s appointee to head the department.

Following Dr. Andrea Leitheiser’s report on Ignacio’s mental state, Terlaje said he wants the nominee reevaluated by Dr. Joan Gill, a licensed psychiatrist who currently works for the Naval Hospital.

“Dr. Joan Gill actually works for the feds, so she’s gonna have to go back to Hawaii and ask permission if she can do the psychological evaluation for Steven,” Terlaje said in an interview with Patti Arroyo.

Terlaje said if the feds disapprove, they would have to get another psychiatrist to conduct the reevaluation.

Terlaje insisted on getting a second opinion saying, “If we’re gonna go with that first opinion, that’s just not gonna fly, you know, because the psychiatrist is recommending that Steven is not fit to be police chief.”

While Ignacio’s confirmation as police chief remains in limbo, Terlaje awaits word from Gill regarding whether or not she will be conducting the reevaluation.

“If she concurs, then I’m gonna have to sit with the committee and think about that first I’m not gonna make that decision by myself,” he said, adding that he would have to call the committee to make that determination.

Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said GPD will be issuing a statement on the matter soon.

PNC has also reached out to Leitheiser for a statement, but a response has not been received as of news time.

Ignacio has consented to a second psychological evaluation, results of which will determine the committee’s next course of action. Ignacio’s 90-day nomination as acting GPD chief expires on May 28, according to Terlaje.