Senator seeks resumption of deportation policy for convicted aliens

Sen. James Moylan (R)

Republican Sen. James Moylan has introduced a resolution proposing to continue the deportation of foreigners convicted on Guam, an initiative that was put in place by former Gov. Eddie B. Calvo.

Moylan’s Resolution 81-35 which would request Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to establish a policy similar deportation policy.

“As a previous parole officer,” Moylan said, “I understand the challenges at the Department of Corrections. I know that DOC currently holds over 100 non-U.S. citizens and the laws of Guam must be followed or there will be consequences.”

That free ticket home would require that victims of the crime agree to the deportation and that the convicts have served more than 50 percent of their sentence. Those convicted of a “heinous crime” would not be eligible.

Moylan said the program has established “some peace of mind for those who were victims of the crimes committed by non-U.S. citizens and I am more than willing to work with Director Sam Brennan and the Governor’s office on the continuance of this program.”

The current cost associated with housing any inmate at DOC is about $108 per day.

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Jolene Toves
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