Senator Taijeron Seeks Ban On Riding in Back Of Pick Up Trucks


Guam- Riding in the back of pick up trucks may soon be a thing of the past if Bill 60 becomes law.

Senator Mana Silva Taijeron introduced the measure Monday to prohibit passengers from riding in the back of pick up trucks. Taijeron says the legislation was created on the heels of a serious accident that involved several teenagers who were thrown from the back of a pick up truck and were critically injured. She argues truck beds were designed to transport cargo and says people are not cargo.

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“Now what this bill is intended to do is prohibit the use of the back of the pick up truck. The pick up truck was intended to transport cargo” said Taijeron. “And in fact, if you look at your owner’s manual, it’ll say ‘pick up truck cargo bed’. It doesn’t say anything about transporting passengers. There is no safety restraint for any passengers. And there’s no safety restraints for any passengers who ride in the back of a pick up truck. So what we’re trying to do is to make safer for people on the roads and avoid any injuries in the future.”

While PNC asked about riding in back of trucks for short distances to the beach or a person’s house, Taijeron reiterates she’s just looking out for the safety of people, especially since there are no proper restraints for those who choose to ride in the back of the truck.

The measure also seeks to impose a $100 dollar fine per passenger if it goes into effect.