Senator Tina Muna-Barnes to Repeal and Reenact Medical Marijuana Law


Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr., Chair of the Committee on Health which has oversight of Medical Marijuana, wrote a letter to Senator Tina Muna-Barnes recommending to the legislature to reject the current proposed rules and regulations. You can read the letter as the attachment below.  

Guam – Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. is recommending that the legislature scrap the latest proposed rules and regulations for Medical marijuana and make new ones. Senator Tina Muna-Barnes announced plans to do just that.


Hours after the chairperson for the committee on health, wrote a letter to senator Tina Muna Barnes to recommend the rejection of the current rules and regulations for Guam’s medical marijuana, senator Muna-Barnes tells PNC she plans to introduce a bill that will repeal and reenact the Medical marijuana law.


“What this repeal and reenactment will do, will strengthen the provisions based on what we have received with the rules and regulations based on all the public hearings, via telephone via constituents coming in personally via the public hearings that we have incorporated into this amended version but also that we have companion legislation,” said Muna-Barnes.


By repealing the act and reenacting it, Muna-Barnes says she is making way to introduce amendments that she says directly address concerns brought up at the public hearings. She says this will likely increase the size of the act but will offer critics of the program a new option. One of the big changes is to make good on a suggestion by medical cannabis advocate Andrea Pellicani at the final public hearing.


“We will be putting the rules and regulations under the consumer protection division of the attorney generals office, that was the recommendation by the community stakeholders and this would add a added layer of protection for the patients as well as the licensed medical cannabis businesses,” said Muna-Barnes.


The new bill would also make the registry system optional. This means all you need to qualify for medical cannabis is a written certification. But what about the fees? The high fee structure was a chief concern brought up at every public hearing. Muna-Barnes says the new bill offers a three-tiered fee structure. She says the specifics are still being looked at but the fees will be lower than the $30,000 proposed in the final draft rules and regulations.


Muna-Barnes also says a lab component will be included as well as legislation to address the lack of medical conditions available to patients.


Lastly, she says there will be accompanying legislation to add home cultivation. Muna-Barnes notes that the bill should be introduced in the next couple of days. She says the public hearings should follow “very soon.”