Senator Tina Muna Barnes Will Introduce Amendment to Protect Mayors’ Salaries


Senator Tina Muna-Barnes showed up to the Mayor’s Council meeting to express her support for the Mayors salary increases.

Guam – Senator Tina Muna Barnes says she will introduce an amendment to exempt mayors from the raise reductions in bill 204.


 Bill 204 would reduce raises for the Governor, Lt Governor appointed cabinet members senators and the mayors. However Senator Barnes says she supports the raises for mayors and will continue to support the islands mayors by proffering an amendment to the bill to exclude mayors from raise reductions. “I truly believe and I’ve always said it in all the years that I’ve been oversight chair of the mayors that the mayors that mayors are the 24/7 responders to their villages to their constituents. They work 24/7 if there is more than 7 days in a week they are there doing the job and getting it done and getting it done right,” said Senator Barnes.



 Senator Barnes says that she will stand committed to helping the mayors make a difference in their communities.


  1. You know what’s funny about this story? You have these mayors (many of whom only have a high school diploma) who are getting paid $75,000 per year and then you have a teacher with a Master’s degree earning much less than them. Now some people might say that a degree is only a piece of paper but these are the ignorant ones. Anyone with a higher education degree knows full well the work and sacrifice involved in attaining it. As for the mayors being against the roll back, the only one I heard complaining about it was Bob Hoffman (mayor of Sinajana) who one resident described as having never seen in his neigborhood in Sinajana. The guy loves to hear himself talk honestly. Finally, Tina Barnes really should give it up. It’s obvious she’s pandering to the mayors and their families. She doesn’t want to lose their votes in 2016.

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