Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes Calls Briefing Next Week Wednesday to Address Downturn in Tourism


Guam – The Legislature’s Tourism Committee Chair Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes has called for a briefing on the state of the island’s tourism industry.

The Tourism Briefing will be held at the Guam Legislature’s Public Hearing room on next week Wednesday, May 11 at 2p.m.

A release quotes the Senator as saying that: “The visitor industry is responsible for 20,000 jobs and 60% of our economic base. With arrival numbers dropping approximately 22% in the last month alone, people who had jobs in February are laid off in May.  In recognition of these recent and severe economic realities, the China Russia Visa Waiver Program is an economic Imperative for Guam.”

Senator Muna-Barnes says the briefing has two goals:  understanding the depth, extent, and projected length of the downturn and to launch strategic initiatives to mitigate our losses.

According to that release, the Briefing will include presentations from the Guam Visitors Bureau and other Tourism Industry experts. 

The following topics will be addressed:

* The impact of a challenged Japan on visitor arrival numbers, jobs in the tourism sector, and the economy;

* The status of ongoing efforts to implement the China Russia Visa Waiver for Program for Guam;

* The Status of the Travel Promotion Act of 2010;

* Strategic Initiatives and Recommendations of the Guam Visitors Bureau and the visitor industry  for 2012