Senator Tom Ada Intros Bill to Extend Deadline for Spending Funds to Keep Public Safety Vehicles Up and Running


Guam – Senator Tom Ada has introduced a bill to provide more time to spend the money already appropriated in Public Law 30-216 in order keep fire trucks, ambulances and DPW vehicles repaired and on the roads.

The deadline for spending about $2.2 million in funds is tomorrow [Wednesday] April 13.  Those funds and that deadline were set by P.L. 30-216, a measure introduced last year by Senator Ada in the wake of the school bus shortage.

Read Bill 142

The funds meant to refurbish “inoperable school buses, perform overdue preventative maintenance, purchase needed tools and equipment, and to repair bus facility substations,” and  on maintenance and repair of  both GPD and GFD  vehicles which provide “public safety and emergency services.” 

However, Senator Ada states in a release that the money could not be spent by the deadline  “due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the implementing organizations.” 

The Senator says that Bill 142-31 would provide an additional 120 days “to complete the objectives of P.L. 30-216.”  

The release quotes Senator Tom Ada states:  “It is critical that the legislature provide additional time to support the efforts of the individual organizations so that they can provide the vital services all of us depend upon”.

 Senator Ada says, to date:

* DPW has repaired 24 buses, increasing the total fleet from 90 to 114.

* DPW has conducted preventative maintenance service on all 114 buses

* DPW has started the process of replacing 20 school bus engines.

* GPD has contracted the repair of 13 police vehicles, and have begun surveying the repairs needed for several GPD motorcycles. 

* GFD has purchased $69,000 worth of needed repair parts, and is working towards repairing service vehicles and ambulances.